A quest for perfection

Artisan Pizza Making

Extensive hours of work are dedicated to the dough proving process at Pizza By Pietro. Maestro Pizzaiolo and Award Winning Chef Restauratuer Pietro Ferretti's Unique Hybrid Cycling Process delivers an outstanding final product, a product he has labelled the Hybrid Pizza Napoletana™ bridging the gap from the Neapolitan Pizza and the light Roman Pizza in Pala..first of its kind in the World. In the quest for maximum digestibility The Hybrid Pizza Napoletana™ is in a class of its own.


"Know that there is 48 to 60 Hours of dedicated work prior to the slice touching your teeth , this dedication in pursuit for perfection motivated by passion to produce that 60 - 90 sec pizza has been recognised by UNESCO United Nations Education Scientific Cultural Organisation in 2017

Importance to Humanity

UNESCO has added the art of the Neapolitan Pizza Maker in 2017

UNESCO has added the art of the Neapolitan pizza maker, or “pizzaiuolo”, to its list of “intangible cultural heritage of humanity”. Neapolitan pizza making was one of 33 traditional practices from around the world that were added to the UN cultural organisation’s list of “forms of expression” that are of importance to humanity.

Educating the Masses - new culinary horizons in rural

"Whilst we have many that travel from hours away to dine with us, we have also touched the masses"

...we are talking about something serious, yet you will get people that have absolutely no idea "don't think I was getting value for money", no culinary education or a poor one at that, talking about "not enough toppings, as if Neapolitan pizza was a food to just fill your belly, this is the problem that mainstream pizzerias have groomed with their mass produced pepperoni and matchstick ham pizzas and bbq sauce, its a monstrosity....if you think that one customer reviewed " boxes felt light for my money" and another" I was still hungry" whilst in other parts of the cultivated world these are the signs of baking excellence, you get a glimpse of the Americanised Australian fast food baked gluten industry and how they have done a number on major society in addicting their clients to heavy underdeveloped  baked breads packed with yeast, sugars and fats that bloat you on the path to celiac disease and type 2 diabetes . 

Many have learnt to believe this  a normal condition relating it to value for money and feeling full with no regard to a balanced meal, quality ingredients and  preparation techniques, eating to simply get full.

With no regard for how ingredients are cultivated, sourced and food is prepared it is easy for the ignorant to to believe they are getting value for money at the 16.90 buffet line!

.....or as another customer put it "I know italian pizza is not topping crazy"...a product that boast the finest ingredient quality and the most costly preparation of pizza in the world.

Most people don't get the science behind churning out a product that light in 60 sec , to hand process all ingredients by hand, pure mozzarella, hand slicing all premium cured meats with some costing at much as $40/kg , hand puree the prestigious $7 tin San Marzano tomato, the 4am dough sessions..... to just think most pizzas start off the same weight prior to cooking, to make the lightest most fragrant and magically baked pizza in 60 secs is actually mind-blowing for anyone capable of conceptualising it .....and while all this is happening you'll get that one customer come up when your flat out and ask in an unsettling tone " how much longer?" 2 min before his pizza comes out totally oblivious of whats involved in the 60 secs cooking that terminate the 60 hrs of work that proceeded, with the slightest margins of error, all stretched by hand like working with a wet tissue and a 450°oven....and then add to this that we are one of few in the world executing it out of a food truck, in the wind , cold, rain and challenging outdoor elements, you get the idea! " 



The Stefano Ferrara oven needs constant heat to maintain its resistant sorrento biscuit base hot enough to cook pizza napoletana.

The Perfect Ingredient

"Its begins with sourcing the freshest ingredient and working with it as soon as possible"

All our products

are sorted by hand, 

only freshest ingredients

are selected and processed by hand, preservative free

using the finest cold

pressed olive oils.


All ingredients processed by hand, cooked and pickled or marinated with the finest cold pressed olive oil, himalayan river salt and tellycherry pepper.