Sydney's Pizza Guru and Renowned Chef coming to Shoalhaven

Sydneys' Pizza Guru and Old School Italian Chef

There is always a buzz in the foodie community when Restauratuer Chef and Pizza Guru Pietro Ferretti is in town, the excitement that mouth watering food is around the corner.

A chef with a career that began 25 years ago alongside many Italian Chefs and bakers that migrated to Australia in the late 60's and 70's, a team that were considered the back bone of the most iconic old school Italian Kitchens throughout Sydney. 

Caracalla Pizzeria

Following a string of awards and rave reviews, Pietro Ferretti has cemented his legacy in creating special "Must Eat" venues and is considered amongst foodies, Industry professionals and fastidious Italian diners as "The Real Deal", a true ambassador for excellence in Pizzeria and Trattoria benchmarks. 


His notoriety for un-compromised benchmarks and fierce timed kitchen service executions gave birth to the nickname "Caracalla", after the notorious Roman Emperor...his most recent venue Caracalla Pizzeria is still considered by many hard-core foodies as been unparalleled in Artisan Pizza and Authentic Italian Cuisine.

Food Integrity is Key

"My passion in Italian food was to preserve the integrity of the dishes and their preparation, rather than add ingredients like many other Chefs in the quest for complexity, I always worked to strip away as much as possible and reveal the identity of the dishes.

It's in the simplicity of the these dishes that the difficulties lay and in the fine craft nuances that bring the dishes to shine, for me this has been the way to tell their story. 

I truly believe that this is what has allowed my food to connect with my diners on a deeper level"

My Greatest Master Class

"It is thanks to my first and foremost teacher, my Grandmother, a gifted Chef from Rome that instilled this perspective from the beginning. 

My greatest Master Class was sitting on the kitchen bench as a child and watching her cook, decoding the aromas for what would follow, every time I cook that sensory still guides everything."